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Aims & Functions


The Commission aims to

  1. safeguard the impartiality and integrity of appointments and promotions in the civil service so that the most deserving candidates are chosen; and

  2. ensure that the principle of broad consistency in punishment is maintained throughout the civil service.

Main Function

Its primary function is to advise the Chief Executive on appointments and promotions to the senior ranks of the public service, i.e. officers with a maximum salary on or above Point 26 on the Master Pay Scale (i.e. $57,390). The Commission also advises on disciplinary cases involving Category A officers (i.e. officers who are appointed to an established office and who occupy an established office at the time of their retirement or resignation from the service. This covers virtually all officers except those on probation, agreement and those remunerated on the Model Scale I Pay Scale).

Please note that the Commission is not a recruitment agency. It neither invites nor processes applications for Government posts. Individuals interested in Government employment should respond to job advertisements carried in the local press. They should apply in accordance with the guidance given. Normally, applications should be submitted by completing a form GF 340 which can be obtained from any Public Enquiry Service Centres of District Offices, Home Affairs Department or any Job Centres of the Employment Services Division, Labour Department. The said form can also be downloaded from the Civil Service Bureau's website. Members of the public can access information relating to civil service vacancies on the Internet at the Civil Service Bureau's website (http://www.csb.gov.hk).

Other Functions

The Commission also

  • draws the Administration's attention to deviations from established procedures/practices and staff management problems identified during processing of departmental submissions and, where appropriate, recommends measures to deal with these problems;

  • acts as a think tank to the Civil Service Bureau on its policy and procedural issues pertaining to appointments, promotions and discipline as well as on a wide range of subjects relating to the review and development of human resource management subjects; and

  • advises on any matters relating to the civil service that may be referred to the Commission by the Chief Executive.