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Under the Public Service Commission Ordinance, the Commission must consist of a Chairman and not less than two or more than eight members. All Members are appointed by the Chief Executive and have a record of public or community service. Members of the Legislative Council, the Hong Kong Civil Service and the Judiciary may not be appointed to the Commission. This restriction does not extend to retired officers.

The present composition of the Commission is as follows -

Chairman: Ms Maisie CHENG Mei-sze, GBS (since May 2023)
Members: Mrs Ava NG TSE Suk-ying, SBS (since February 2018)
Mr Lester HUANG, SBS, JP (since February 2018)
The Hon Mrs Margaret LEUNG KO May-yee, SBS, JP (since July 2018)
Mr Tim LUI Tim-leung, SBS, JP (since July 2018)
Dr Clement CHEN Cheng-jen, GBS, JP (since December 2019)
Prof Francis LUI Ting-ming, BBS, JP (since June 2021)
Ms Agnes CHAN Sui-kuen (since May 2022)
Mrs Ann KUNG YEUNG Yun-chi, BBS, JP (since May 2022)
Secretary: Ms Fontaine CHENG, JP (since October 2018)